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Chartered Institute of Educational Management and Administration is an Internationally recognized professional examination body established for the purpose of ensuring Quality Global Education Standards, Repositioning the dignity of Education and Redeeming the falling academic values globally.

Chartered Institute of Educational Management and Administration was incorporated under the Laws of the State of Delaware U.S.A (File No 51505-82).

The Institute was established for meritorious purposes. All the activities of the Institute are for the benefits of various professionals in various disciplines worldwide by providing professional network which enable Members to function anywhere in the world.

fRom the desk of President CIEMA

Greetings, It’s my pleasure to introduce and recommend the professional services of the Chartered Institute of Educational Management & Administration (CIEMA) incorporated in Delaware United States, as its president.

The essential difference between professional and academic credentials is that professional credentials are ‘warrants of competence’ or ‘warrant of expertise’ whereas academic credentials are certificate of knowledge. With professional designations, the certifying body is warranting that the certified worker (trades person or professional) has the essential knowledge and skills of a specified domain necessary for safe and appropriate practice of the trade or profession. With academic credentials, there is no such ‘warrant of competence,’ an academic credential means that someone has successfully completed a particular course of study but not the certification of competent to practice a trade or profession. Professional designations are ‘warrants of competence,’ it becomes important for certifying bodies to define specifically what certificates must be completed. Professional designations are always built upon a practice analysis, which defines what certified individuals need to know or be able to do. Academic credentials are rarely based upon formal and systematic practice analyses.

The Institute’s Objectives

The Institute’s objectives are to:

 Maintain and enhance the dignity, prestige and status of the profession.
 Uphold, regulate and control the integrity and professional conduct and to preserve the independence of Educational Managers And Administrators.
 Promote the skill, efficiency, service and responsibility of the profession.
 Establish and maintain a high standard of education and knowledge.
 Represent the views of the profession and to promote the common interest of its members.
 Co-operate, liaise with or make representations to bodies or persons.
 Provide accredited training services, conduct qualifying examinations and/or assessment.
 Establish, promote and/or Administer Educational Programmes, Training Workshop, Seminars, Symposium.
 To contribute to the development of new methodologies and technologies applied to internationalization of education and training in order to improve Academic values.

Professional Affiliations

News & Events

  • For Investiture\Induction of New Members into various categories of Membership grades in any part of the Universe, call: +2348163667272 for details.

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We organize Professional Manpower Development to State Government and Corporate Organizations in any country through our professional workshops, seminars and other regular training programmes.

The institute in collaboration with our approved Universities/College Centers organizes special Diploma and Postgraduate Diploma programmes for professional and intending professionals in various fields of studies.

Fresh collaborations

we are interested in further collaborations with recognized Universities/Colleges on Academic Programmes, Faculty exchange, Research and Development etc.

Enquiries and proposals should be directed to registrar@charterededucation.org


The institute publishes Chartered Educational Managers Journal quarterly, and mail to students and members of the institute.

We invite members and the general public willing to publish their academic and professional articles in the journal to contact editor@charterededucation.org




Approved Study centers

Liaison Offices


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